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Google's New Short Message Service (SMS) for your cell phone
Record-breaking heat-wave, and Rad-dad rides again (Surrey)
RADIFIED approved for Yahoo! Publisher Network (beta)
Upgrading your bootleg copy of Windows XP to a legit "Genuine Advantage" version
Sadness of relationship decay, more vivid dreams & kudos
Nightmare on Rad street
Reminiscing about climbing Half Dome, Yosemite National Park
Faith & Reason, with Bill Moyers
A Scanner Darkly, based on the novel by Philip K Dick
Julio's Christmas cherries
Conspiracy theory: ENRON's Ken Lay death faked
What motivates the ultra-competitive athlete? (Pyschic Pain?)
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Rad Dad Does Emergency Surgery
Giant Waves at the Wedge, Body-surfing Balboa Peninsula, Newport Beach
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Ultra-Swanky 24 Hour Fitness Club at Lake Shore Towers in Irvine
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Pre-Father's Day thoughts, nature vs nurture
June 6, 20006 = 6-6-6, The Anti-christ
RADIFIED's 6-year anniversary
Final Co-parenting class: trust leads to emotional intimacy
Photo enforced traffic lights suk
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Met Babalu Sobral: UFC fighter
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Time to Move On
The New World - A Rad Film / Movie Review
Bluetooth Wireless Headset for Motorola RAZR Cell Phone
Sharing Children
Pearl Harbor Day 2005 & Aloha Memories from Hawaii
Nicholas Negroponte's One Laptop Per Child
RAD Guide to Digital Cameras: Having Fun with Digital Photography
Tips for Enjoying the First Thursday Art Walk in Laguna Beach
Sidney looking to build himself a new PC computer
RENT: No Day But Today - A Rad film / movie review
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Walk the Line: A Rad Film / Movie Review
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Good Night, And Good Luck: A Rad Film / Movie Review
Backup Hard Drive Imaging in a Nutshell
Veteran's Day 2005
DropMyRights Drop My Rights
Nuclear-grade hazing
Jarhead: Rad Film / Movie Review
Big day tomorrow
CD/DVD drives disappear: Device Manager Error code 39
AGP Graphics card died
RMA Seagate Hard Disk Drive
Designing New Black Beast - 2006 version
Updated the Guide to Norton Ghost
Films & Movies Screened Outdoors at Heisler Park in Laguna Beach
E=mc˛ Einstein's Big Idea
Radified guide to Writing Radified guides
A History of Violence: A Rad Film / Movie review
Bob Dylan Teams with Martin Scorsese: No Direction Home
Met Kobe Bryant today - Got his autograph
Happy Birthday to the Dog
Symantec Releases Version 10 of Norton Ghost
Guide to Buying & Selling on eBay
The Constant Gardener
Welcome to the Suck (Suk)
Battman sends photos from India
Unclaimed money
Treasures of King Tut (Tutankhamen) arrive at the LACMA
Shoutcast Nearing a Quarter of a Million Listeners
DirectSound output plugin generates nasty hiss with songs played using Winamp, while waveOut does not
Upgrading Big Al's copy of Avid Xpress Pro video-editing software
Letter from RAD in-box: Brandon's yearly note of gratitude
Editing digital video with Avid Mojo & Xpress Pro
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Batman Begins: Film / Movie Review
Cinderella Man: Rad film / movie review
Landslide destroys million-dollar homes in Bluebird Canyon, Laguna Beach
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Star Wars Episode III - Revenge of the Sith: Rad review
60 Minutes interviews Captain of nuclear sub that ran aground
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Felix 'Tito" Trinidad vs Winky Wright: 13.May.2005
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ENRON: Smartest Guys in the Room
Neti Pot flushes sinuses with saline solution
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Norton Ghost 2003 supports dual-layer DVD discs (8.5-GB)
Final Thoughts: Dell 8400 Desktop PC
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Dell no longer includes Windows CD with their PCs
Write a guide, make a buck
BreezeBrowser: Viewing & Manipulating Digital Images
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Supreme court hears MGM vs Grokster file-sharing case
E-dawg surfs Costa Rica
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Sinn Fein & the IRA
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Nomad Mike's World Tour update v5
The Sea Inside (Mar Adentro) - Best Foreign Language Film
Downfall - Inside Hitler's Bunker
Battman Continues to His World Tour - Part IV
Auschwitz: 60th anniversary
US Nuclear sub runs aground
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New Years 2005
Hard Drive Problems for Christmas
The Aviator
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Dylan's "Like a Rolling Stone" voted Greatest Song of All Time
Battman's World Tour Update #2
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Bush Re-elected: Blue-state Blues
Why I'm Voting for Kerry
Cost of the War
First Presidential Debate
DELL now includes back-up Ghost image in Concurrent DOS partition
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Mozilla Releases Firefox 1.0 PR
9/11 Anniversary: Politicians Still Reject Personal Accountability
9/11 is Nothing to be Proud of
Indian Point: Imagining the Unimaginable
Florida, Frances & Control Rods
New LCD Monitor Arrives
The Dog Protests the RNC in NYC
Humphrey's Concerts by the Bay
Windows XP Service Pack 2
Camping Sequoia National Forest: Photos
Under the Banner of Heaven: by Jon Krakauer
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Former President Reagan Dies
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LCD Buyers Guide
Intel's New Chipsets: Grantsdale & Alderwood, i915P, i915G & i925X
Mac vs PC
Memory (RAM) Primer, Corsair XMS modules
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Iraqi Prison Scandal, Congress & the Military
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Plan of Attack: Bob Woodward
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Breakwater Screens at Director's Guild (First Look Festival)
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Condi Rice 9/11 Testimony
Dawn of the Dead - 2004 Remake
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9-11 Conspiracy Theory
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Microsoft Windows Vista (previously called Longhorn)
St. Anselm's Ontological Argument for God's Existence
Life on a Boomer
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New PC computer build: The Black Beast
Arnold wins! Governor of California
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October makes me homesick
Rad Rig 2003: The Black Beast
K-Street tackles MP3 downloading
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Arnold next governor of California?
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