Tuesday: 29.January.2008

New Rad Blog

On April 16, 2007, I installed a NEW BLOG (based on Movable Type v3.35) .. which you can find here Ye Olde Rad Blog II. All further entries will be posted there.

Test Compatibility with MySQL 5.1.51

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Sunday: 15.April.2007

Rad Mail: Touched by your PorscheBago!

Houseboat on the River KwaiLotsa mail regarding Friday's post, about living out of my Porsche (homeless in SoCal, hi-tech hobo). Several related similar experiences. But most read like this one (titled Touched by your PorscheBago!):

> I first discovered your site while seeking better understanding of digital audio. And of course, I discovered your Ghost guide and digested that as well.

I began following your personal posts and have continued doing so the last couple of years. You haven't got your own FireFox tab yet, but Radified is usually one of the first sites I peruse during my daily Net Ritual...

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Friday: 13.April.2007

Homeless in SoCal: Rad Guide to Living out of your Porsche (as a Hi-Tech Hobo)

Homeless Man: Havana, Cuba .. courtesy Dan HellerRegulars may recall last year, when I discussed moving to "...pristine ocean-front property .. mere steps from the beach. Will be falling asleep to the sound of waves every night, sitting in front of a cozy fire."

Well, confession time (Friday the 13th) .. that *was* the beach. =)

Ever lived out of your car? Been homeless? It's a lot like camping.

There was a last-minute problem with the new place. And I'd already given notice on the old place, I currently occupied, unable to stay. So I was caught in a jam.

I decided to throw everything in storage and make the best of a bad situation.

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Wednesday: 11.April.2007

YaBB Forum Glitch > 300 : No such file or directory (& Killer Waves at The Wedge)

Had a little glitch in the forums today. Received an email early this morning from NightOwl (who never sleeps), saying the FAQ had disappeared.

Of the 3,000+ threads we have (representing more than 25K posts), this is probably the worst one to lose .. cuz it's linked on every page of the Ghost guide.

Still half asleep, I originally imagined someone must've accidentally deleted the thread .. cuz that's the only way I know to 'lose' a thread.

Then I noticed the FAQ-thread still had a link on the index page (stickied near the top). [When a thread is deleted, it also removes its link from the index page.]

We've never had this problem before > An Error Has Occurred! 300 : .txt No such file or directory. (Bad juju.)

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Tuesday: 10.April.2007

Lekker South Afrikaans friend sends photos from Cape Town

Cape Town, South Africa One of the cooler aspects of having a web site is the contact I get .. from an interesting assortment of folks .. scattered around the globe .. living in a variety of cultures.

Other cultures have always interested me. I like the way they stretch your mind, trying to see the world thru their eyes.

One such fellow (Stephen) lives in Johannesburg, South Africa. We've been trading mail (off & on) for more than a year. He works in the film industry there (writes, shoots, edits, directs).

Every so often, he'll drop a line and share what's happening in his (busy, exciting) life.

Sometimes he'll even include photos, from his work or play .. in exotic places like Patagonia, Ushuaia or Drakensberg. Being in the film industry, his photos are always excellent.

Anyway, he just sent a couple more pics, from a recent trip to Cape Town, taken from Table Mountain, near the (1,000-meter) summit (called Devil's Peak). Posted here:

Cape Town, South Africa 01 (145-KB)
Cape Town, South Africa 02 (120-KB)

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Monday: 09.April.2007

White House Calls to Ask a Favor (uh, in my dreams)

The White House Ever have a dream so vivid it felt like it really happened? Had one last night.

The President (dub-ya himself) called me, on my cell (normally set to vibrate). I was sitting at the local coffee shop, on a sofa there, talking to my climbing buddy, Tom.

"Who's that?" he inquired, as I checked the display, squinting to see who was calling. I held up the illuminated screen so Tom could see: White House, President.

"Aren't you gonna answer?" Tom asked, as I slipped the phone back in my pocket. "Nah," I said, thinking how I was mad at the President (tho I can't recall what he had done to p*ss me off).

"The President's calling, and you're not picking up?" Tom said, with raised eyebrows.

"Actually," I said, "that's the *third* time he's called. He called *twice* yesterday. You're probably right, tho. I oughta call him back. I mean, he *is* the President, right?"

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Sunday: 08.April.2007

Easter Conservation, Triple-espresso & Ghost guide revision

Resurrection Egg, by Peter FabergeHappy Easter. "He is not here: for he is risen, as he said. Come, see the place where the Lord lay." [Matthew 28:6]

Rode my bike to the coffee shop this morning (for the first time). Feeling a sense of duty to minimize pollution, ease my impact on the environment, and help minimize our dependence on foreign oil (in some small way).

It's no biggie, since the coffee shop is only six or eight blocks away. A little chilly this morning. Next time I'll dress warmer.

Also checked out a book from the library this week (Hemingway's A Farewell to Arms). Haven't done that since mom used to take me there, back when I was a just a tike. Normally I purchase books to read, but now figure the library might save a few trees.

At the coffee shop this morning (where I've been drinking herb tea, in an effort to avoid caffeine), the coffee demons were working me, whispering sweet nothings in my ear, about how good an espresso would taste.

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Wednesday: 04.April.2007

Thinking of Installing (Converting to) WordPress Blogging Software

WordPress Blogging SoftwareAfter successfully upgrading the forums to YaBB v2.1, I noticed that WordPress (blogging software) is also at v2.1 (actually 2.1.3). Coincidence?

I've been using MovableType (v2.63) since May 2003. (Never upgraded my original MT installation.) But SixApart, the makers of MovableType (now at v3.34), started charging for all but the most basic installation options, and WordPress has become the cool, new kid on the block.

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